CM-42 Double Headed Raven


The raven was a sacred bird for many cultures, and was associated with “LUGH”, a Celtic god of war who sent his ravens to collect the spirits of the dead on the battlefield. They were also associated with the Irish mythological war goddess “BADB”.  The raven has significance for the Welsh and Cornish people as well . The red billed Chowgh, a member of the crow family, is on the Cornish flag.

When Lucius Munatius Plancus arrived on the bank of the Rhone River , he came upon a hill covered with ravens . He founded a city there called “Lugdunum” the “Hill of Lugh” which today is known as Lyon.  Another culture that recognized the raven is Norse mythology. The ravens are at Odin’s side as Huginn and Muninn. They travel the world and bring news to Odin.

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CM-42 Double Headed Raven

13h x 11.5w x .75h


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