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The Quaich is a traditional Scottish drinking cup whose form has not changed for centuries. The term ‘auaich’ emerged in the mid-16th century, from the Scottish Gaelic word ‘cuach’ or cup. The earliest quaichs were single-timber, meaning that they were made of a single piece of wood turned on a lathe.
Traditionally they were used to offer a welcome or farewell drink of whisky, brandy or ale when receiving guests in the home. Nowadays, they are often given as a symbol of friendship or as gifts for weddings and christenings.
In Kilmuir, Scotland there is a wooden quaich which was formerly used as a baptismal font. On that account, today it is sometimes used as a baptismal font and also to wet the baby’s head. They are also used to toast the health of a newborn and to share the love and celebration of new life.
Weddings- Historically a more romantic quaich had a double glass bottom in which was kept a lock of hair, so that the owner could drink to his lady love; and in 1589 King James VI of Scotland gave Anne of Norway a Quaich or Loving Cup as a wedding gift.
In more recent times, the quaich is often presented at weddings as a symbol of love and partnership during The Quaich Ceremony. For their wedding toast, the couple would drink from this quaich. In doing so, they are symbolizing their commitment to sharing everything in life and sealing the bond between them and their families. A couple would fill their cup with a drink of their choice, usually whisky or you can combine two drinks symbolizing the two of you becoming one.

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CB-03 Quaiche

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