B-99 Swamp Sparrow


Swamp Sparrows breed in Canada and the northern regions of eastern and central U.S. The species spends winters in the central and southeastern regions of the U.S. and south into central Mexico. Preferred habitats include freshwater marshes, wetlands, bogs, and margins along streams and ponds; also found in salt marshes. The Swamp Sparrow has longer legs than other members of its genus; this adaptation allows it to wade in shallow water to forage. It sometimes sticks its head under water to try to capture aquatic invertebrates. They begin singing very early in the day and will sometimes sing through the night, especially when there is moonlight. A group of sparrows has many collective nouns, including a “crew”, “flutter”, “meinie”, “quarrel”, and “ubiquity” of sparrows.

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B-99 Swamp Sparrow

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