We specialize in beautiful, handmade wood carvings inspired by everything from deep rooted history, mythology, wildlife and nature. Our Celtic and Viking Collections feature Celtic knots, crosses and other ancestral artwork. The Bird Collection showcases an extensive collection of exquisitely hand crafted bird carvings and the Lamp Collection features nature themed wood sculptures. 


Celtic Carvings

We have a beautiful selection of Celtic wood carvings inspired by the ancestral artwork of the Seven Celtic Nations.


For the bird lovers we have a large selection of hand-carved and hand painted birds… great for collectors and birders!

Viking Carvings

Explore your way through carvings inspired by the Viking sagas of Iceland and Scandinavia featuring Thor’s Hammers, Odin, Green Man and much more.

New Designs

What’s new? View all our latest designs in one place plus we now offer story cards explaining the symbolism or meaning behind select pieces. 


Exquisitely hand-crafted collection of nature and western themed lamps everything from cowboys and Indians, bears, eagles and more.

Bone Jewelry

Show off your heritage when you wear one of our exquisitely crafted bone pendants. The perfect gift for someone special or as a personal keepsake.

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  • Handcrafted

    Beautifully crafted one at a time, each wood carving starts from an original hand drawing. Every step of the carving and painting process is done by hand with great attention to detail and as a finishing touch a French paste wax is buffed into the finish until a rich luster is obtained.